Amazing Home Design

Amazing Home Design with elegant design

Amazing Home Design in beach season. Multi-award winning architect Pete Bossley adds another winner to his list with a contemporary beach house design that's made to relax, and inspire. Okitu House at Tatapouri Point in New Zealand is the epitome of cool. With views of both bay and ocean, this amazing hilltop beach house sits above its pristine, lush surroundings, clinging to the ground with its casual, low-profile form. This beachfront bungalow was designed, at the clients' request, to be large enough to accommodate extended family, yet still maintain a cozy appearance. The architect used an innovative, T-shaped plan to give it space while delivering that sense of comfort that’s typically lost in large houses. This beach home design boasts two wings that provide plenty of room while affording privacy, and allow for a wonderful covered outdoor living area with a view of the water through the glass-enclosed, see-through living room inside. The home’s transparency opens it up to the outdoors, making the spectacular view its true focal point.

Amazing Home Design with beautiful residence. Modern Residence Y Kidosaki designed by Architects, located in Japan, this house is reinforced concrete, steel structural systems and Cretaceous rocks, Emulsion Paint on the main ingredient, Kidosaki Architects Studio is a stimulating design studio which infuses modern and traditional Japanese aesthetic ideas into starkly contemporary buildings while maintaining the original characteristics of traditional Japanese

Amazing Home Design interior

Amazing stairs design in amazing house

Amazing living room design with elegant style. Amazing beach house interior design inspirations. This is the amazing beach home interior design of a beach house. This house is look so simple and calm combined modern furniture and elegant house interior design. Full of light and air, calm and simple interior and exterior – what could be better in holiday beach house? This house in the East End of Long Island, New York is one of those perfect retreats. 1980s-vintage house was fully rebuild with new structure made of yellow cedar outside and inside. It is situated between the Atlantic and a bay so it has awesome views all around.

Amazing Home Design with full lighting

Amazing Home Design interior with beautiful scenery. This is the home of the Swedish Modern Design. One of the design which is currently much in the search by some lovers of home design. Designed by architect John Robert Nilsson near a lake in Sweden. It’s really amazing views of the lake from the terrace as from inside the house. This 250 square meters dream home. simple shapes, clean lines are the things that characterize the design. Very few materials used in construction. Limestone, white ash silver, matte white painted walls and ceilings of the house features. exterior is done in brown with a puff of black, tar paper, steel and lots of dark colors. Contrast interior and exterior easily visible thanks to clean rooms with big glass walls.

Amazing Home Design with large pool in there

Amazing Home Design with unique swimming pool

Amazing slide stairs in Amazing Home Design

Beautiful Amazing Home Design

Amazing Home Design interior

Modern Amazing Home Design. This house comes from Agraz Arquitectos and manages to do just that. Designed for a family in Guadalajara, Mexico, the building has no less than three levels, each with a different purpose and personality. The first level includes a basement, a game room and a garage. The middle level houses the kitchen, family room and dining room and the three bedrooms are located at the third floor. There is a stairway which connects the rooms in the house and some lovely terraces which are accessible at every floor. The property also has two large courtyards.

Woody stairs in Amazing Home Design

Unique Amazing Home Design

Amazing bathroom in amazing house
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