Japanese Garden Design

For thousands of years, Japanese Garden have defined the culture and traditions of the country. Japanese garden has always paid its citizens and tourists with a sense of calm with its design and art. Since the various elements that give meaning to the garden, it then becomes a national treasure of Japan. Various Japanese garden ornaments, which traditionally can be found in gardens bamboo water hammer, water basins, as well as Japanese lantern. Japanese garden essentially designed to promote peace and tranquility, that’s why this garden design was preferred by the designers of the world. Now, you can create your own exotic Japanese garden by adding elements that always exist in Japanese garden design below :
1. Bonsai trees. The must have item to create an exotic Japanese Garden is planting bonsai trees.
2. Moss. Don’t forget put this element at the entryway and throughout the sides of the garden for a welcoming. These green colour will make tranquility feeling.
3. Stone lantern. Get a mysterious, warm and exotic garden with add stone lantern.
4. Stone. Scattered of white coral stone around a large rock to get a natural look
5. Bamboo fountain, a well-crafted bamboo fountain offers peaceful sounds on your garden wich could bring the air of tranquility.

Elegant Japanese Garden Design

Amazing Japanese Garden Design with unique architecture

Modern Japanese Garden Design with Missouri Botanical Garden

Beautiful Japanese Garden Design with pool

Exotic Japanese Garden Design

Modern Japanese Garden Design

Beautiful Japanese Garden Design

Unique Japanese Garden Design with traditional style.These Japanese lanterns, originally made of stone and located strategically in the garden as a guide for users. At an early age, these Japanese lanterns were used by masters of tea to their guests can be aware of existing paths, which led to the temple. These lights is particularly useful when the tea ceremony, held during the evening. In addition, the presence of traditional stone lantern as a source of light even creates a magical effect that the Japanese garden can bring to its guests. Over the years, however, these lanterns have evolved from its functional purpose in a more decorative placement in a Japanese garden. Artistic located within the garden, along with other elements to its completion, a Japanese garden is lit the light, to provide its surroundings. Nevertheless, emits light in the garden is not flashy, but soft and tender. What is a subtle effect on the Japanese garden, it gives a sense of the world especially at night when the falls. With a Japanese lantern in the garden, so important. This enhances the beauty of the Japanese garden, and also provides secure environment for its visitors. Depending on its position in the garden, Japanese lantern can act as a focal point. The most common placement of stone lantern near a waterfall or any source of water, which is included in the Japanese garden. In combination, the soft light of a stone lantern and a gentle drip of water to make them more mystical elements to watch.

Natural Japanese Garden Design

Amazing Japanese Garden Design.With oriental Japanese garden style, this Fawcett house by Lloyd Wright will inspire you how to maximized your landscape into luxury and amazing home with Japanese garden design. Located 80 acres in San Joaquin Valley, this Fawcett house by Frank Lloyd is a luxury farm house. Large and stunning with this Japanese garden. It indicate with big wooden Japanese bell statue that usually found in Japan̢۪s temples. The garden plan features a beautiful Koi fish pond, natural stone, exotic small plant and a big trees as a centre of the yard. Was build a large swimming pool inside the house.

Elegant Japanese Garden Design

Modern Japanese Garden Design

Popular Japanese Garden Design

Beautiful Japanese Garden Design

Beautiful pool in Japanese Garden Design.

Modern and traditional combination in Japanese Garden Design

Natural Japanese Garden Design with colorful flower
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