Modern House Design

Luxury Modern House Design. Australia home pictures from a blog that focuses on contemporary design. This home is in Brighton, a beach side neighborhood. What really caught my eye in this property is the use of light throughout the home. In nearly every image the natural light that comes in is cleverly constructed. Employing this architectural technique near a beach is wonderful since an “airy feel” is fitting near the sea. Another feature that I enjoyed was how the pool comes up to the home. Light dressing – To allow light to flow into a room without interruption, remove secondary glazings on the window since they absorb light. You should also replace heavy curtains with blinds, window shutters or light drapes.
Simple reflection – Placing a mirror near or opposite the window not only makes the room seem larger, it also reflects light around the room, making it brighter.

Glamor Modern House Design with unique swimming pool. This inspiring spatial experience of modern minimalist house design idea is created by Ong & Ong located in 55 Blair Road, Singapore. Its a modern terrace house that promoting light open plan living spaces and brings a balance between nature and contemporary living in a renovation of a traditional art deco style shop house. These 55 Blair road residence interior completed with minimalist style in every room corner such as the minimalist kitchen space, minimalist bathroom and living room. The ground floor of this modern and minimalist house has glazed walls that leads directly to the pool providing a comfortable lounge and dinning area which provides a perfect place to relax and spent time with friends and family. The kitchen has been finished in a seamless aluminum cladding. This creates a refined kitchen space. The entire second floor in the main section of the house had been allocated for a master bedroom/study space with an en suite bathroom.

Elegant Modern beach House Design

Elegant Modern House Design with large swimming pool. This Modern Architecture House Design by Marc Canadell Architect now as an innovative and consultant in architecture design home. An architecture home design above was designed by him. Located at hill of Hollywood in California on his creative hand a house become luxury and modern which called the Nightingale House.

Modern and contemporary house design that located in the Paradise Point suburb of Australia’s Gold Coast

Unique Modern House Design with beautiful color

Ultra Modern House Design. This house is inspired by urban loft boxes and have all their flexibility. It belongs to belgian architector Luc Binst and becomes his large experimental private area with 28 x 9 m of living space. Luc uses unusual geometric, materials and colors everywhere. For example, the kitchen combined with living room mostly done from marble with neon lights all around it so it looks like blue spot in the house. It’s window is separated on two parts in the middle. Bathroom is small place opened to terrace where the tub is set into the ground and painted with blue paint based on epoxy resins. Two one of the most famous Panton chairs accompany the bathtub. Straight lines, right angles, furniture, colors, lighting and everything other create extravagant living place with ultra modern interior. The black plastered concrete facade with solid-steel as the support structure reinforces the strength and dynamics of the house.

Luxury interior of Modern House Design.

Amazing Modern House Design. Contemporary homes incorporate modern elements, such as asymmetrical lines, odd shapes and over-sized windows, with traditional design. The interior is characterized by industrial type materials and plenty of lighting. Featuring a white interior with sharp furnishings that stay in contrast with a multitude of textures and colors (the orange is definitely striking), the contemporary feeling is only enhanced by those floor-to-ceiling windows, large spaces and the contemporary furniture.

Elegant interior of Modern House Design

Japanese style of Modern House Design

Sweet pink of Modern House Design

Luxury kitchen in Modern House Design

Luxury interior Modern House Design. Spiral stairs have always held an essence of mystery and romance. With their new Genius collection, Albini & Fontanot have created a contemporary modern style for the classic spiral stairs. A light and airy design, the beech treads feature prominently while the solid wood handrail swirls like fine garnish. Solid beech has a rich golden colour, light and warm. The steel supports with their shining smooth surface, contrast fabulously with the wood grain. The Albini & Fontanot stairs mirror the repetition in the treads in the five steel cables that twist around the helical stairs. Besides the modern diaphanous design, Spiral stair can be fantastically practical. Ideal for converted buildings or restricted spaces, spiral stairs take up half the space of traditional flights. This frees up more room for living in, while also adding sparkle and mystery. Albini & Fontanot have created a wonderful addition for modern home design.

Modern Japanese dining room Design. This modern house is not only formed in Japanese style architecture. But, inside of it, the house is a display for an extensive collection of Japanese pottery and folk art. TWith wide big wood column and living spaces, the collection arranged in smart way, so it not crowded. Designed by hoshide Williams architects.
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