Moroccan Bathroom Design

Existing on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, imagine the excitement of Morocco with its intoxicating combination of spirituality and sensuality, celebrating a culture where ancient traditions and craftsmanship have sustained for centuries.

Vibrantly colored homes, elaborately decorated walls and tiled courtyards with mesmerizing fountains and ponds can only be matched by the majestic Moroccan landscape of palm trees, mountain ranges, oceanic views and the stark beauty of the desert.

The hypnotic style of Moroccan decorating incorporates colorful tile combinations, with unique plasterwork and painted surfaces gracing walls, arches and pathways. Extravagant taste found in paintings, rugs, pottery, woven bedspreads and unique pieces of furniture comprise the popular Moroccan motif.

Moroccan decorating, with its jeweled, stained-glass colors, rich Indian fabrics and ornately carved furniture invite images of Arab Sultans of the 18th century, while simplicity and spirituality are conveyed throughout Moroccan decor with striking contrast in color and patterns.

Exotic Moroccan Bathroom Design
Beautiful Moroccan Bathroom Design With Unique Tiles Color
It is no secret that the bathroom is one of the areas in the house which is a favorite when it comes to renovations and enhancements. One can change it to make it look more spacious or even more use themes such as the beach to suit one’s personality. One appeal that is usually found and used on other parts of the house, not the bathroom, is elegance.

The idea of infusing elegance to a bathroom seems to be a challenge because of the purposes that a bathroom serves for. But actually, this idea is not impossibility and can be achieved by using materials of elegance like the Moroccan tiles.

Modern Moroccan Bathroom Design
Traditional Moroccan Bathroom Design
Moroccan tiles have the elegance appeal because of their historic background. In ancient times, they were used on the architectures of the most elegant places like palaces. They are hand-made tiles also referred to as zellij with particular features of having simplistic designs and typically subtle color mix than the Mexican and Spanish tiles. And because of this, they are a great choice for decorating a relaxing spot like the bathroom. The bathroom’s walls and/or floor can definitely have an elegant appeal with the Moroccan tiles and have a palace like spot in your very own home.

Luxury Moroccan Bathroom Design
Minimalist Moroccan Bathroom Design
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