Unique Stair Home Design

Oftentimes, the construction of conventional stairs in a home can be impeded if the floor space clearly becomes a problem. For small homes, the installation of standard stairs can take up a lot of space especially on the first floor, thereby making the house look cramped and small. Fortunately, the use of a spiral staircase can eliminate this problem as saves a lot of space. These spiral staircases can serve as fancy and regal installations in homes. The design of these staircases features elegant curves, a space-saving construction, and a classical appeal for both the owners of the home as well as visitors. This is why spiral staircases are gaining popularity as popular installations for basements, attics, fire escapes, decks, lofts, and balconies. Spiral staircases made of wood emit a classical appeal that makes them unique from conventional stairs. The spiral design as well as the classical feel of the wood’s grain makes them perfect installations that also provide aesthetic uses. Spiral staircases made with aluminum may not have the classical appeal that can be seen in wooden spiral staircases, however, the look of the material gives them a modernistic appeal as popularized in modern architecture. This type of staircase is perfect for condo units that are small in area but with its interiors designed in a modern manner. Spiral staircases made of metal are convenient when used in industrial applications. These spiral staircases give workers a way to ascend or descend from floor to floor while occupying only a small area in the building. The space that is saved can be used as extra storage for which to keep goods or products. It is important to note that metal spiral stair cases will not look appropriate when installed in homes. These staircases simply do not blend well with the home’s interior setting. Furthermore, corrosion and rust will degrade its value and beauty. A wooden spiral staircase is recommended for use in homes instead. Like ordinary stairs, the installation of spiral staircases requires the strict compliance of building regulations. These regulations may differ in each state. This is why careful planning and the request for guidance from the local building regulation agency should be made to make sure all the rules are complied with. It is a common misconception to think that the installation of these spiral staircases require much time and effort. In reality, it is true for do-it-yourself staircases. However, the introduction of spiral staircase kits has aided homeowners and home developers alike in the instant installation of these staircases. With this, not only are spiral staircases beautiful and space-saving, they can also be easily installed.

Elegant stair design with unique architecture. Some houses are all things luxury and comfort they are modern, super comfortable but they are close to nature as well. For example, the following house from a French designer Jouin Manku can be named everything but boring. The house itself is located in Kuala Lampur and it is too contradictory to be true. The place is peaceful, yet highly interesting and active, it is always ready to meet new people and faces. Architecture of the house is very unusual and it is definitely unique. However, I like the most its outstanding fab stair from soft natural wood. What a great fun to walk up and down on it! I would like to tell you that this spectacular 3,000m2 house is home to three generations of one family.

Modern unique stair home design from glass. This design for modern and unique stairs ideas by Staircase Siller. That is an Italian company founded to produce unique designs staircase contemporary glass, steel and wood. Its international brands are of the highest quality and exclusivity. Designer Christian Siller is the founder and is currently developing the project according to the needs of its customers.

Amazing and unique stairs home design

Unique stair home design from wood.

Elegant stair home with unique design

Amazing stair design in outdoor with very unique design

Glass stair design looks unique

Luxury stair with unique design. The interior design of your home should reflect the character of 'exterior design'. A French, English or Italian-style home must have a period-style moldings and decorative design details to complement the other in the facade treatment. The proportion of interior arches, ceiling treatments, stairs, panels, etc. must be the same as carefully designed as such aspects of the exterior. Architecture is important, whether interior or exterior, and must maintain the integrity of the force. Because your home is a decisive force in your life.

Woody stair design made from wood

Elegant unique stair design from glass. Transparent modern stairs inspiration.

Unique stair design from wood

Modern unique stair design from wood. Unique staircase designed by Ecole for modern apartment in Paris.

Unique stair design with creative architecture. Stairs are of various designs and concepts. You can see some steep stairs, while some have spiral designs. However, the floating stair is new. I haven’t heard somebody made this type of stair before. It looks very modern and unique, but I don’t see it safe for kids and toddlers. It does not have any safety measure to keep the users safe from falling. Maybe this floating will only be good for places that needs only up to three to four steps and not higher than that. Other than that, the stair is awesome and unique. I find it perfect for bars and restaurants with mezzanine.

Unique stair design with zig zag style

Unique stairs design looks very cute
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