Bamboo House

Lately I’ve seen more bamboo home builders popping up. However, just because these homes are available doesn’t mean they’re right for you. There are pros and cons of bamboo houses. We’ll look at some pros first and later discuss some cons. Tomorrow I’ll post some bamboo home builders for you to browse as well.

Bamboo House With Hawaii House Design

Bamboo House With Color Full Roof

Bamboo House With Bamboo Wall

Natural building element is the most favourite for home builder to plan and develop the dreaming home. Bamboo is one of the most favourite element for the home builder anf interior designer. For centuries builders in the east have used bamboo because it is easy to manipulate and requires little technical skills.

Beautiful Living Room of Bamboo House

Luxury Bamboo House

Minimalist Bamboo House

Something cool about bamboo is that it has other benefits beyond building. This wood serves more purposes making it a smart choice for structures because there doesn’t have to be waste involved. Bamboo shoots are edible. Because these trees grow fast they’re a good choice for planting as home privacy screens or wind blockers. Some species can be used to help control soil erosion. Lastly, small pieces can be used to build just about anything – cutting boards, dishes, art, and more. The waste not aspects of this wood are pretty nice.
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