Full Color Sofa

Elegant Full Color Sofa for teen room

Unique Full Color Sofa

Full Color Sofa with red, blue and yellow color

Full Color Sofa with

Unique Full Color Sofa with strips mode

Beautiful Full Color Sofa

The colorful furniture designs of Swedish design, Svenskt Tenn. is a cunning mixture of modernist and heritage, old and new, color and pattern. Josef Frank and Estrid Ericsson started the company and create the style of Viennese elegance and boasts a mixture of Swedish functionalism. Sofa and chair is definitely a call to remember that long ago but with a clear edge modern. The upholstery, funky vibrant are trendy yet timeless, while clearly inspired by the classic frame, built to last with a display that will never go out of style.

Sexy Full Color Sofa
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