Minimalist Home Interior

Minimalist lifestyle philosophy represents a practical, dynamic, concise, effective and efficient, which is applied in all aspects of life, including house building architecture, interior and exterior home park. Collaboration minimalist house and garden a medium for communication between architecture and landscape, in the form of contrast, the hard-soft, stiff-soft, dead-alive, geometric-dynamic between cultural (manmade) and nature. Minimalist able to eliminate saturation wear a lot of decorative accessories and knick-knacks. Character and quality of the created ruang2 determined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and knick-knacks accessories in it. Space to feel spacious, optimum air circulation, fresh and healthy, abundant natural lighting, because the number of spaces open so sunlight and air from outside into the house freely. Occasionally a tree placement or composition of the right plants will provide shade obyek2 to the wall, into a natural aesthetic element. Natural lighting through windows, doors, walls transparent (stained glass, glassblock) or skylights, will refract natural color from every corner of the house is exposed to light. Games artistic lights, both floodlight, garden light up geometrically-shaped pendants, can liven up the evening. Today, the house minimalist geometric patterned, proportionate, effective, efficient, neutral colors, natural relief and airy and impressive natural color of choice and the urban lifestyle. The house is supported quality home and garden design as well as the settlement structure, the better.
Many property developers attempt to meet consumer demand that crave a straightforward design, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, efficient, effective in each space. Minimalist beauty of the home and garden views from the honesty of form, function and animism ruang2 created. Use simple and natural materials bahan2 dominant characteristic of minimalist homes.

Elegant bedroom for Minimalist Home

Elegant interior swimming pool

Modern bedroom for Minimalist Home

Unique living room furniture for Minimalist Home

Modern Minimalist Home

Cute white living room

Family room for Minimalist Home

Modern living room

Japanese bedroom decoration

Modern kitchen for Minimalist Home
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