Modern Wood Bed

Modern wooden platform bed design is the bedroom furniture that looks perfect and sleek, and is a wide platform of oak leads to two expansive matching nightstands. Made out of Oak, which is a quality wood and very durable. With modern design, creates a calming, warm feeling in the bedroom, and it has a low sleek skeleton that creates a good visual balance in the room. An excellent solution, for small low ceiling apartments, since is not massive to clutter the room.

Modern Italian bedroom at its best. This modern bed has a wooden bed slatted base. The mattress is embraced by the frame and can be positioned deep inside the frame or at the top level. The wood frame can be available in light oak, wenge oak or grey oak wood. The headbodard is very particular and make this bedroom set unique. Three tubolar polyurethane foam bars bonded together and covered with fabric or luxury leather enrich this special bed. The look is finished by matching bedside table with one drawer each, whose base recall the bed feet. Mattress size 63" x 79" or 71" x 79" . Made in Italy.

Elegant Modern Wood Bed with unique design

Japanese Modern Wood Bed

Modern ultra Wood Bed

Benicarlo Collection Bedroom Set No 124 brings elegance, beauty and European modern style to your home. All pieces are made in Spain, provides European quality, are functional and beautifully designed. This collection offers an excellent modern designed Queen Size Bed. The Platform Bed features beautiful dark color finish, wide wooden frame and legs. Wide modern style headboard designed with wood and dark glass wavy shape to bring style too your contemporary bedroom. Bed includes wooden spring. For your convenience you can choose queen or king size bed. Also this collection offers storage platform queen or king size bed. Storage bed will help you to store and organize your bedroom items.

This is a cool design of bed for kids. The design offers contemporary curves, a lovely modern wooden ladder and an overall dynamic-looking, white-painted wooden framework children can also appreciate. There are two design variations; the bunk beds set and the lofted single bed.In the single-bed edition, there is a great under-bed storage space because of the elevated frame. A low-hanging bottom level in the double-up design creates free-floating planes at each loft level for a full sense of openness on the upper and lower bunks on all sides. This cool bed design was made by Mimondo.

Modern Wood Bed with romantic design

Here’s bed design with modern style was design by Thomas De Lussac Sarl. Thomas de Lussac sarl is a company which always surprises by its creative designs. It creates modern furniture with non-standard look but at the same time this furniture is comfortable and adaptable to all interiors. Its products could help your to personalize your space and decorate it by original and beautiful furniture. Its Invitation’s bed is a perfect solution to change you bedroom into a modern and unique room. This bed is made of veneered or lacquered wood and available in different colors and finishes. It has integrated bed side which could be very useful to storage any stuff. The main feature, which stands out this bed from other modern beds, is unusual curved base in wave shape. It is necessary to note that such bed shape doesn’t prevent to comfortable relaxing and sleeping.

Designed & made in the UK, this collection of walnut finish contemporary bedroom furniture is a great addition to Go-Modern European collections. Good quality, with short lead times & plenty of different modern designs, the affordable Barcelona collection is everything Go Modern looks for in a furniture collection. The Barcelona contemporary bed is a UK double (or UK king), proportioned to fit in UK rooms. With a grid textured headboard & chromed steel legs the Barcelona modern bed has a bright, airy style & a clean design that won’t date.

Comfortable Modern Wood Bed

The Loto Bed gives the feeling of simplicity, even with its complex design. Loto gives the appearance of two sheets of wood that are put together to form an “X” creating the base of a rather unique and beautiful bed. The “feet” of the bed appear to be the tips of the wood, quite ingenuous. Another cool bonus to this amazing bed is the fact that it is 100% hand-crafted, this gives you a one of a kind bed to own.

Sexy Modern Wood Bed
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