Romantic Bathroom

A Romantic bath together on the valentines day will make your love relation more sweet and comfortable to feel each others love and desire of being together. Relax in each others arms and treat as a pair made for each other. Before getting inside the bubbles foaming water of bath tub, create romantic feel and look to your bathroom to spend hours together and soak in aromatic flowers and essential oil to raise your spirit of enjoying bath together. Rejuvenate your soul by lighting candle, scattering flower petals, massage oil to massage each others body, scented lotions and other things. Change your shower curtains, clean the tiles, add new bathroom products and more. These Romantic Bath Ideas will create intimacy between you and your partner to make best efficient enjoyment of the day of love and romance. Its a perfect idea to have spa-like retreat for you and your spouse.

Romantic Bathroom with exotic design

Romantic Bathroom with modern design and peach color

Classical Romantic Bathroom

White Romantic Bathroom with rose flowers

The master bathroom or luxury bathrooms today include at least a toilet, bidet, two sinks, separate tub and shower, whirlpool or spa and perhaps more. There are half bathrooms that only have a sink and toilet while full bathrooms have bathtub and shower combo along with it. Smaller bathrooms may just have shower area or corner shower stall instead of both tub and shower. Luxury items that can be incorporated in master baths are exercise equipments, see-through fireplaces, mini-refrigerators, saunas and even flat panel televisions that can be mounted on walls or ceiling to really pamper you. These luxury romantic bathroom designs by Italian company Savio Firmino are all about the romantic era. The 1941 bathroom collection is made in collaboration with architect J. Pizzorno and the skill of Guido Savio, who have created an opulent atmosphere to enjoy every day. The polar opposite of minimalism style, we’d call this collection “maximalism” at its best. This furniture features sophisticated, elegant hand-carved wood details that give it its antique appeal. Adorned with jewels, and gold- and silver-leaf, these pieces will are treasures in their own right. This bathroom is no longer reserved just for bathing, but it’s rather a space dedicated to beauty, wellness and sweet serenity.

Classical Romantic Bathroom with romantic lamp

A bathtub takes on a romantic air when surrounded with mosquito netting and pillar candles. Pale blue walls and a white slipcovered chair enhance this room's dreamy setting.

Romantic bath up design as valentine

Elegant romantic bath up with rose flowers

Romantic lamps in Romantic Bathroom
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