Small Shower Design

Elegant Small Shower Design

The artistic, it is functional, and it’s stylish! What more can you possibly want from a shower head? It is the sculpture of Vado shower head! Based in the UK brassware Design Group to deliver an amazing shower head with a capacity for a truly customized shower experience. Provides flexible shower six tentacles, head of the sculpture collection, you can rotate, edit, rotate, turn and place them in any position. “In order to develop and design new products, fun and exciting,” said Vado, the commercial director, Sarah Williams said. “The sculpture reflects all that is good about working with designers to challenge themselves and constantly think outside the box.” These cool, contemporary shower head can be on the wall, the ceiling, where your own new levels shower fitted. installed regardless of the décor, your amazing modern bathroom with this headline.

You’ve seen a lot of unusual indoor designs here on Freshome, including ones that can considerably decrease their volume for an easier storage. Still, this amazing folding shower is definitely a first. From Supiot, this ingenious design can make a small bathroom feel much spacious. Easy to install, the shower can be simply packed up when it is not in use. This way it becomes a vertical white board, that consumes a very small amount of bathroom space. We really like this design idea, but we can not help wondering- doesn’t it become a bit stressful to unfold and fold this shower everytime someone needs to take a bath? The item is available for purchase in various sizes and colors, so choosing the one to match your bathroom interior is advisable and doable.

Unique Small Shower Design

Elegant Small Shower Design with relaxing panorama

Beautiful Small Shower Design

Fantastic Small Shower Design

Glass Small Shower Design
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