Chair New Furniture Design

Comfortable garden chair with new design

A new furniture with unique designs and fun to you. a spherical bubble chair can be used for indoor or outdoor. This chair with a hole in one side. This hole into your seat. The seat is safe to use because it can be hung on the ceiling with a 6-foot steel chain. you do not have to worry about this seat will fall or break if exposed to conflict.

Modern chair with new design

Here is a new version of the famous Bubble chair revisited by Rousseau and INSA designer. This new version armchair ball illuminates in dark. The light effect is spectacular in a subdued atmosphere. The bubble chair gets sexed up by Insa in this collaboration with Rousseau. Light sensitive material forms the graphic structure. A 60’s Eero Aarnio creation. The whole thing is a contemporary twist on a retro classic.

Disco chair is designed by a Kiwi and Pom, which is a new furniture concept. Kiwi and Pom declare this Discon chair into a credit arrangement that allows a seat to on and off. Seat made of wire with a length of 200 meters electrolumninescent you can install in your yard or work space.

Simple yet elegant, the brand new chair furniture collection that has been designed by British designer Charlotte Kingsnorth. This furniture designer work seriously to create and design this absolutely comfortable seating called the Felt Up chair. Cut and folded in two places, a flat piece of felt has created a new space. When sat upon it cocoons the occupier, lulling them into a state of relaxation. The felt is 16mm thick and made from 100% natural wool. It acts as a natural insulator from noise, which helps further to create a chilled space in which to sit.

Jonas Lyndby Jensen presents you with his new furniture design collection called ‘Twist Chair’. The design is a cocoon-like seating that ensures an amazing accent for your living room, bedroom or any place in your trendy apartment. A backrest, seat or protective shelter, the twist chair, besides enhancing your home d├ęcor serves as an isolated world for all those bookworms who wish to escape from the dynamic world with a good book in hand. The Twisted Chair is built from a single twisted band and has an extra feature as a sound barrier to give you with a private feeling and space for reading your newly interior decorating books.

Funny Chair New Furniture Design

Cute Chair New Furniture Design

ABC Chair New Furniture Design

Chair New Furniture Design for your bathroom
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