New Multifunction Sofa Design

Unique Multifunction Sofa Design with bookshelves

This is fixed sofa bed complete with chrome legs design. Multifunction and comfortable of this sofa because it is use high quality materials. The legs of chrome can strength when it is converse to bed. Design around the face to the back of the sofa is very elegant. Polyurethane foam will give extra comfort on this sofa bed. This fixed sofa bed functional in side of function and stylish in case of fashion.

A versatile flocked sofa bed that can be inflated in 3 minutes and can be used as a double sofa, double lounger, double bed or double height single bed.

Funny Multifunction Sofa Design for mini kafe in your home

Elegant Multifunction Sofa Design

Modern Multifunction Sofa Design

Milano brought a very cool collection of furniture that is not only highly functional but stylish as well. Sofa bed is one of must-have item in your home; it turns to be very useful whenever we need an extra space for a guest who stays overnight. These decorative sofas below came from a famous Italian brand Milano and are dubbed the Jack sofa beds. This modern furniture gives you three different styles- you can transform it into a sofa, chaise lounge or bed. Completed with a slatted base, headboard and footboard and single or double drawers, sure this trendy sofa bed is a perfect choice for any home or apartment. The soft color selection and lovely patterns bring playful and fun atmosphere to your home.

Funny Multifunction Sofa Design

This sofa design can be modified in various ways to give the best position for you, change as chair, sofa or bed with a few simple steps. Calm sofa will provide three different functions in one unit and you will save space as well. More details visit Behance.

This sofa is sofa that can made suitable for different situation, depending on the user’s circumstances and relationships. The sofa is created by Spanish designers of Ebuala. The designer made this sofa with different shape and it can be changed into another shape.

Beautiful red of Multifunction Sofa Design

Funny Multifunction Sofa Design
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