Extraordinary Table Design

Sometime back, we featured a story before about some rather unusual bookshelves but this time the spotlight is on tables. Product designers are never happy with the normal 4 legs-1 flat top tables. They want to experiment. And sometimes, experiments lead to amazing results:

Amazing Table With Extraordinary Design

Extraordinary Table Design With White Color

Swirl dining table with 4 cream dining chairs, dining table with clear tempered glass top, a beautiful all-glass dining table with fabulous “step” design on the table base, solid glass base, 4 chairs available in cream, black or chocolate brown leather flux, and at an affordable price.

We used to see lots of minimalist fireplace design that comes in black and white with simple design. But, for any of you who want to add more color to a fireplace you can try to choose this unique collection. Finished by a young UK company, Flying Cavalries, this cool fireplace is inspired by natural phenomena of the enormous energy of volcanoes. Dubbed the Terragen, this new fireplace design is presented in great combination of vivid colors. Besides its function as a fireplace, the Terragen can be used as a coffee table as well. This ethanol fireplace will bring more than just a warmth and cozy ambience, but it will catch anyone’s attention too.

Unusual Table But Looks Elegant For Your Rooms

Extraordinary Table Design In Peach Color

Simple Extraordinary Table Design With Cards Mode

Jason Phillips designed this table in really creative shaped. This was inspired by Cantabrian warrior who fights the Roman armies. Actually that history of the inspiration was no connection with this table, but this extraordinary table shape designed strong and unique with many cubes as the legs.
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