Glass Bathtub

Amazing Glass Bathtub with modern design

Comfortable Glass Bathtub design

Modern Glass Bathtub

Exotic and modern Glass Bathtub design

The first thought that comes to mind on seeing this clear glass bath tub is that it looks like an aquarium. That wonderful thought continues as one slips into the smooth tub. These View bathtubs from Teuco are simply magnificent. The finely crafted bathroom piece is a harmonious blend of chrome and glass. The tubs have powerful jets of water on either side, taking bathing pleasure to an entirely new level altogether. Generously proportioned, the bathtubs can fit two people and be a very satisfying end to a romantic evening. The View bathtub comes in two different flavors, one designed for corner installation, and the other is meant to be put flush up against a wall. The first one has been christened the View Angolo bathtub, and the second, the View Rettangolare. We know the bathtubs are relaxing, but it has the added advantage of being good for one. How? The powerful water jets improve circulation in the body. So there’s the excuse to buy one of these beauties – they’re good for you.

Beautiful Glass Bathtub

Beautiful Glass Bathtub design

Cute Glass Bathtub with green color

Simple Glass Bathtub design but this is modern
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