Modern White Bathroom Design

Black and white bathroom with modern minimalist interior is one of the solution for small room interior design. Black and white that reflect a modern minimalist house decor and furniture is become a trend style in decorating and furnishing an interior room design including bathroom. I hope black and white Italian bathroom design concept below can inspired you.

Here the Elegant White Bathroom Bathtub Design Ideas – Love from Novello.The modern curved shape of bathtub adds the stunning effect to the set and distinguishes it from other contemporary bathroom sets. Smooth lines and white bathtub make the furniture more refine and adaptable to all interior styles. add flower pots in your bathroom make yours bathroom like spas room decorating, charming shapes are complemented with wash-basins tops made of different materials like crystal, stainless steel and corian, This bathroom furniture is versatile, functional and in spite of the unusual bathtub shape gives a lot of romantic and sensual situation in your bathroom. hanging wash-basin cabinet and a hanging column, are available in different sizes. stylish bathroom furniture from love collection by Novello could help you to create a bathroom of your dreams.

Mini pool at Luxury Italian White Bathroom Design

Elegant White Bathroom Design

Simple white bathroom design ideas by novello

Elegant White Bathroom Design with fresh design

Exotic White Bathroom Design

Exotic White Bathroom Design in outdoor

White is the usual go-to color for bathrooms in new houses. White bathroom design is one of the most effective ways of infusing your home interior with a unique sense of style. In this contemporary bathroom design, a simple white palette is enhanced with the collection’s unusual shapes and understated “love” detail inscribed and illuminated into the mirrors and onto floors. This modern bathroom is sure to inspire your own visions of luxury coupled with function. Who says practical pieces can’t be beautiful too? These bathroom design pictures prove that you can have your bathroom, and love it too.

Beautiful White Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom by Rexa Design is a very young company, this company could offer the bathroom awesome collection because this company always look for new materials and use new technology and has a very good design.This collections could compete with production from famous and great manufacturers in the world easily.For example is an elegant Vela.This collection shows the good style and high quality of this company’s job.Vela has all of ware sanitary to complete a modern bathroom. Every item of this collection is nice and refine.

Simple White Bathroom Design
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