Rain Shower

A good bathroom shower can really revive you from you hard day and refresh and rejuvenate you. You need to know what kind of shower you would like, meaning what type of water flow you would prefer. Lavaca has large selections of rain shower heads. The functionality and beauty of all their shower heads makes it difficult to choose. There are the normal round shower heads with glass frames or the minimum designs types rectangular shower heads. Apart from these there also other designs like the arc shaped, star shaped and many more. So make a choice and feel the difference with Lavaca rain shower heads.

This gorgeous gadget is the Dream Light from JACLO. A canopy of rain available in rectangular, cube and round shapes, the Dream Light features a thin stainless steel sheet complete with LED lights. The water is illuminated in a rainbow of refreshing white, soothing blue, calming amber, motivational red, peaceful green and warm white. The lights can be programmed to turn on manually with the flip of a switch or encoded to start automatically whenever the shower is turned on. The light intensity is fixed. All Dream Lights feature a full rain spray and multiple colors are available in a single head configuration.

LED Lighting Rain Shower

The sensation is like watching the sunshine through a summer rain shower: the softly falling water soothes the body as it is caressed by a tenuous light that shatters into a prismatic rainbow of colours. Yet this is no miracle of nature, but a miracle of human ingenuity. And, like all ingenuity, it is ingenious because it is fundamentally simple.As the water runs through the shower head, the force of gravity that moves it downwards also moves a small mass of air. Together, they turn a little propeller inside the shower head, which creates the soft ray of light. There is no need for any power connections and, indeed, no electricity is involved. Everything is simple, safe and certain. When the water stops flowing, the light goes off. Designed to be installed flush with the ceiling, the Luce shower head then become all but invisible. Even simpler.

Modern Rain Shower

Swanky Rain Shower

Unique and Trendy Rain Shower

Spa Rain Shower

Rain Shower With Bathtub
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