Wood Bathroom

Wooden bathroom vanities are known for their durability and sturdiness. Unfortunately, this can also make them very difficult to install and remove so if you plan on rearranging the location of your vanity a few times, then wood may present some interesting challenges. Most of the types of wood used in bathroom vanities are chosen because they are dense and are able to support large sinks and cabinets. A wooden bathroom vanity is excellent for homes built in resort locations and for get-away cabins because they will not detract from the natural feel of the rest of the home.

Big Wood Bathroom

Gorgeous deep baths carved from sensual wood, the Madera Wood Bathtub by WS Bath Collections brings sculptural hand-crafted beauty to your bathroom. The dramatic free-standing designs glow with the vitality of natural wood. The laminated layers of wood create a pallet of grains and colour to create a distinctive shifting surface. Each a unique work of art, the Madera Wood Bathtub is passionately polished and oiled for a high-quality finish. Offered in a range of distinctive forms like round, oval and rectangular, the Madera Bathtub complements a wide range of modern styles. Available from WS Bath Collections in brilliant woods like larch, beech, mahogany, cedar, cherry, walnut, wenge and teak, the Madera wood bathtub offers a unique personal touch to luxurious modern bathrooms.

Bathrooms designed with a rustic sensibility are all about bringing the look and feel of the great outdoors inside, without sacrificing the tiniest bit of comfort or style.By placing an emphasis on warm, earthy colors and natural materials, such as tumbled marble, local stone and wood, rustic bathrooms being the best of the outside world right into your own home. Rich colors and fixtures that look like they were handcrafted make the room seem like a cozy cocoon.

Luxury Wood Bathroom With Soft Color

Beautiful Wooden Bathroom with Massive Decoration and Panoramic View

Artistic Wood Bathroom

Barn Wood Bathroom
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